Primd Marketing - Case Study - Bien Sur Studio


the brand plan + website ready kit

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Bien Sur Studio
Primd Marketing - Bien Sur - Case Study
Primd Marketing - Bien Sur Studio - Case Study
Primd Marketing — Case Study — Bien Sur Studio


Bien Sur is a brand strategy studio, helping brands tell their stories through keen insights and strategic leadership. 

Founder, Jennifer Kimpe had been offering her services as a  brand strategist for several years when she came to Prim'd Marketing. She'd been focusing on the most important part — doing the work.

But she had little presence on the web to share what she was doing in person with her clients. She had no website, no portfolio online, and no strategy around her own brand. 

Jennifer had also built much of her expertise on her career experience in beer, wine, and spirits. Jennifer loves working with these brands, but also wanted to expand her offerings to include brands that fit within her passions for travel, the California coast, as well as great food and wine. 

Together we took her through The Brand Plan to bring clarity to her exactly what her special sauce was, and bring focus to the kinds of clients she was speaking to. We also focused on how to prep her to "hang her shingle" publically, allowing people to see her beautiful work!




Primd Marketing - Case Study - Bien Sur Studio
Primd Marketing - Case Study - Bien Sur Studio


01: the brand plan:
brand values + positioning

To begin,  we looked at the places she gets inspiration, her passions, interests, and her "design finger print," or the style that she brings to her clients as a result of those passions.  We solidified those into brand values to create a clear direction of what her brand stood for, and how it would interact in the world. 

Next we took a look at her positioning. Jennifer had spent much of her time working with wine, beer, and spirits brands — but was looking to expand to other lifestyle brands that were complimentary to that expertise. We expanded her positioning to allow her brand room to grow into these new areas, giving her a clear expertise while not pigeon-holing her into only one kind of client. 


the brand plan:
Target customers

We did a deep dive into the kinds of customers that Jennifer should be networking with, focusing on and drawing into her pipeline in order to be able to expand into those new lifestyle areas. 

We finished The Brand Plan off with action steps to clearly help Jennifer see where she needed to go next. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Bien Sur Studio


02: website ready kit

After The Brand Plan, Jennifer had a clear sense and direction for her brand, and was ready to embark on her website project. 

We worked with her on our Website Ready Kit — pulling the positioning we'd done in The Brand Plan into effective and compelling website copy. We partnered with Hi5 Studio for the website build and images, creating Jennifer the dream team of website builds. 

We focused her web copy to create tight language that communicated the story of her brand, Bien Sur, while showcasing her smart insights that she brings to brands in addition to the fun, creative side. 

We brought the packaging of Jennifer's services and offerings that we'd done in The Brand Plan over to her website so she could clearly communicate how she helps brands. 

We checked in with Jennifer and Hi5 Studio throughout the website building process, providing collaborative feedback on imagery, creative direction, color, and final execution of the website. 

You can see Bien Sur's  website here

Primd Marketing - Cast Study - Bien Sur Studio

I had always struggled with how to package and harness all of the things I do. I offer a lot of things to brands — how could I narrow down and clearly package my services?

When Prim'd positioned my offerings under "lifestyle brands," so many things began to come into focus. I knew it was the perfect way to fuse my passion and my expertise into one clear brand. 

I am so much more confident in a business setting since The Brand Plan. It inspired me and really propelled me forward into getting my photos and copy ready for my website project. 

I could not be more thrilled about the website. Having both Hi5 Studio and Primd Marketing collaborate on the project honestly felt like the dream team. It was wonderful to not only have The Brand Plan, but also have a way to be supported all the way through my launch. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Bien Sur Studio


Bien Sur studio is already seeing great reception for their new positioning and site. 

With the foundation of The Brand Plan and her website in the world, Jennifer now has a public brand that can work on her behalf to showcase the wonderful work she does for clients.

More importantly, since expanding her positioning from beer, wine and spirits, she has been able to successfully reach her goals of expanding to a new client base. She's collaborated and partnered with compelling lifestyle brands such as Juice Beauty, Sharktown Artifacts, CD Design, and Ethics Supply Co. 

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