Primd Marketing - Case Study - Colson Griffith Photography



Primd Marketing - Case Study - Colson Griffith Photography


Primd Marketing - Case study - Colson Griffith Photography

Colson Griffith Photography was primed for expansion. Colson has spent the last 5 years providing couples-to-be with a wedding photography experience unlike any other: one focused on bringing the party back to their bridal party. Having established himself as a San Francisco expert photographer, Colson was poised to begin growing along side his clients, opening a portrait studio exclusively focused on capturing the unique and special moments of each family through his one-of-a-kind Photographic Experience.  Colson came to Prim'd excited to dive deep with his dream client's changing personas as they moved  away from the wedding party and settled into family life. Together we tackled Primds full suite: The Brand Plan, a new website, and a full marketing collateral package. 










01: the brand plan

We started with The Brand Plan as our foundation, as it is an excellent corner stone to establish new rules and guidelines. Extensive research went into uncovering more about Colson's new target market, examining the reasons they purchase from CGP vs. other family photographers. His Brand Plan also included thorough messaging, setting him apart by identifying the words and phrases for his About and Work With Me pages on his website. We also helped Colson investigate URL mapping with his current wedding brand so he would have a seamless and cohesive experience with his clients from engagement through family life.





Primd Marketing - Case Study - Colson Griffith Photography

02: strategic messaging & website

It was essential that Colson's new website represent the unique and intimate experience CGP is offering families, while keeping an authentic take on Colson's fun and bright voice. We worked with Colson to create copy that spoke to his process, while keeping his "larger-than-life" personality on the page, as well as helping him choose the best images to represent his work. The new website we created for CGP is elegant and modern, with a beautiful parallax homepage effortlessly describing Colson's unique offering in just a glimpse. Multiple galleries showcase the best of CGP Wall Art Collections, giving a clear vision of the stunning work Colson is creating with his clients. We built his site on Squarespace allowing him to easily update or make small edits as his business continues to grow. 




Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Colson Griffith Photography

03: marketing collateral suite

To support the new CGP's new studio brand of the business, we rolled out a system of collateral pieces. These included business cards, thank you cards, letterhead, a booking letter, gift certificates, promotional post cards, and a product booklet. Custom illustrations and gorgeous cardstocks were used throughout to give these designs a luxurious and special feel.

Primd Marketing - Testimonials - Colson Griffith

"What I loved about working with Prim'd was that they were able to make my brand really represent me and the direction that I want to grow into.  These two introduced me to, and led me through The Brand Plan, and have knocked my new look and made it feel TOTALLY ME." 

- Colson Griffith, Owner / Photographer
Colson Griffith Photography

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Colson Griffith Photography


Colson Griffith Photography's wedding and studio brands are allowing CGP to offer their best clients additional photography services beyond the wedding experience.  We continued to work with the CGP team on the rollout of additional collateral and packaging, to keep the studio line full of luxe touches.  All aspects of our work together communicate Colson's magnetic and fun-loving nature, and ensure he stands out in a saturated market of photographers. 

Colson's enthusiasm is contagious. We love his commitment to stick with messaging that is in his human voice, including phrases like "booty-shakin" and "awesome."  Colson, we'd work with you again any day!

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