Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures


the brand plan + brand refresh

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures


K'Dee Miller, owner of Patina Pictures, has been creating great video for brands and producing independent films for nearly a decade. After feeling she creatively had more to offer, K'Dee  transitioned her storytelling skills into written work and embarked on the exciting goal of writing a memoir.  As she neared the end of her MFA program and her manuscript began taking shape, she came to Prim'd Marketing with two goals: getting clear on her messaging and understanding how to share all of her work (corporate video, film, writing) in meaningful and clear way. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures

Together we started with The Brand Plan for her company Patina Pictures. Once we had a firm foundation set, we tackled a brand re-fresh to update her look and feel to match our new messaging, and allowing her to expand into her other creative ventures. 






01: the brand plan (clarity on the inside)

We started with The Brand Plan as our foundation, because our combination of worksheets and videos ask our clients to dig deep to examine where they are, where they want to be, and who their best clients are. We knew that K'Dee would get so much inner clarity by examining her goals for her Patina Pictures, and for her personal artwork projects. 

From there, we were able to help her find threads to conceptually tie together all of the creative elements of her life.  We pulled out some personal threads (like her inner adventurer born out of being raised in Alaska) and professional threads (relentlessly understand a business to make each story compelling)

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures

We combined these parts of her personality and business acumen to create messaging and brand values that spoke to the "soul" of her business, while resonating with her target clients. 

We also included a dose of market research to help her with goals of boosting her business develop. 









02: Brand refresh (new look on the outside)

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures

With her Brand Plan in hand, K'Dee was ready to tackle a full brand platform refresh — updating everything from her logo, to color palette and fonts, to business cards.

We worked with one of our favorite Prim'd Partners to create a visual aesthetic that more embodied all of her messaging and inner branding we'd done with her Brand Plan. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures
Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures

K'Dee had always imagined her logo giving the sense that it was a "stamp of approval" — that her videos weren't done until they had Patina. We used daring and bold colors to underscore K'Dee's sassy and adventurous personality, and combined it with a gritty treatment on her logo to accent her soulful approach to creation.  

We also threw in a secondary mark that she could use in her "Writer's" page on her website. The cohesion between the two brands allows for seamless transition between her creative ventures, and ultimately centers K'Dee Miller as the driving creative force behind all of her projects, allowing her brand to continue to expand right along with her huge aspirations. 

Primd Marketing - Testimonials - K'Dee Miller

"Before working with Prim'd, my business has always been evolving and me alongside with it. So I was constantly feeling over my head or that I'm faking-it until-I make it. But once I started The Brand Plan process, I actually felt like I knew what I was talking about, that I was an expert in my field, and I saw how my experience actually backed up that story. It was the sort of mandatory reflection that not only made me get clear on my business goals, but feel proud and capable of my acquired skill set.

Prim’d isn’t your typical rebranding process. I’ve tried to re-brand my logo before with other designers, but never came up with anything I was excited about. Working with Prim’d is like working with a business coach, therapist, and designer all in one. Now when I talk to prospective video clients I don’t skirt the subject of film or writing. It’s obvious that the skill set I honed as a film producer in Los Angeles is very relevant to their project, and my ability to not only craft their story in video form but also on the page, is what actually sets me apart from your typical video producer.

I love that I now have a cohesive story — from words to colors to logo that I use everywhere – in my blog, in my social media posts, on my website, even on the walls in my office. I immediately I feel prettier,  and a lot more grown up."

- K'Dee Miller, Owner, Patina Pictures


Primd Marketing - Case Study - Patina Pictures

Patina Pictures has a new look and feel that has enabled K'Dee to continue to expand into new markets. She used her Brand Plan and new branding to create her own website — all of which was simple and clear because she had such a strong foundation. 

Her new site clearly features her work, targets her dream clients, and has a clear connection between her video work for clients and her personal passion projects. 

To see more of her brand in action, check out her website here: Patina Pictures

Read more about K'Dee's experience working with us, check out our Client Spotlight Interview with her on our blog. 


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