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Primd Marketing - Case study - Tess Lopez


Tess Lopez has a unique position in her market, as a one in a handful of experts in Federal Sentencing Mitigation.  She's spent the last ten years developing her nuanced understanding of one the most complex federal requirements in the legal sector, and has acted as a key advisor to some of the most reputable defense teams across the country.

Tess came to Prim'd Marketing ready to step into her expertise more fully. She had a dated website that didn't fully display the depth of her knowledge, and she was very uncomfortable with "selling" herself on any of her online properties (her website, blog, LinkedIn, or Twitter). She also had no visual assets to help tell her story as one of the leading experts in her specific field. 

Together we started with a branded photo shoot to begin telling her visual story, we re-worked her copy and content to display the full depth of her value to her customers, and we created a new website. 








01: branded photo shoot

We started by organizing a branded photo shoot to begin gathering visual content to tell Tess's story. Since Tess did not have a physical office, we sourced a location capable of showing her in action with a client. We made sure the shots demonstrated her warm personal touch she brings to each interaction, a major brand differentiator from many other experts in the legal field. We also paid close attention to color, as we knew her site was going to center on a neutral color palette, with pops of orange, which reflects the bright energy that she brings to every defense team. 

In her shoot, we also got a series of head shots, allowing Tess formal options that would play well in her legal setting, as well as more playful versions highlighting what she personally brings to the table. 





Primd Marketing - Case Study - Tess Lopez

02: strategic messaging 

Much of the heavy lifting with Tess' website centered helping educate potential clients the benefits of working with an expert versus trying to navigate regulations on their own. As a result, we focused on fully demonstrating the body of knowledge Tess has acquired in her copy, as well as the tangible benefits she brings to her clients. 

With Tess' reservations of "being too salesy" in mind, we created copy that felt natural to her, while still giving clear signals to potential clients on how they could work with her. 




03: Wordpress website

Taking Tess' imagery and her clear messaging, we built her a fully responsive Wordpress website. We created dynamic movements within the site, including a homepage slider, and accordion style sections to allow for both skimming and a deeper look at her qualifications. 

We also introduced icons, helping to visually demonstrate her expertise, allowing for high-level understanding for viewers who are glancing at the site. 

Finally, we mapped out clear user flows, starting with calls to action on the home page, which draw users through the key pages of the site, and drives them to contact Tess. 

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Prim'd asked all of the right questions to gPrim'd asked all of the right questions to get a sense of how they could bring out my personality in my website.  I am not good at selling myself, and didn't want to sound "sales pitchy" — but Primd was extremely helpful at crafting my messaging to create just the right balance. They are a genius with color, style, and created eye-catching pictures of me engaging with my clients. My favorite part of working with Primd is their excitement and creativity — they exceeded my expectations with this website!  I am just glad I found them before they get too busy…trust me, they are going places!

- Tess Lopez, Sentencing Mitigation Specialist

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Tess Lopez


Tess Lopez's practice is growing, with her new site helping to educate potential clients before they even pick up the phone to call her. 

Tess' warmth and attention to detail made her a great client to work with.  We loved her energy during our photo shoot, trusting our guidance while maintaining her sense of commitment her internal "gut-check" every step of the way. 

Check out her website here: Sentencing Mitigation Specialist






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