Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Boneyard


squarespace website + custom branded photography

Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Boneyard



The Boneyard Truck was ready to step into the food truck world is a serious way. After serving the Bay Area with their delicious BBQ for two years, their food was receiving rave reviews, but their website was dated and didn't hold up to the same quality coming out of their kitchens. Owners Aleah and Rich contacted Prim'd Marketing after catering a party, and received an offer for a big online promotion by a very satisfied guests. Turning their attention to their website, they realized the promotion would be much more successful if they had a stunning website to match their menu. The Boneyard team came to Prim'd excited to give the site and their imagery a much needed facelift. Together we ate and created our way through their site.








01: custom branded imagery

Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Boneyard

As with most websites, a stunning online presence starts with great imagery. We spent some time collating an art board full of our visions for their new brand. We saw their BBQ elevated, using white plates instead of their paper baskets, and leveraging their bright yet moody lightening in their restaurant. But this is BBQ, and The Boneyard is family of rock-and-rollers, and their team that takes two things seriously: having fun and BBQ. We used crumpled paper, messy BBQ sauce, wood textures, metal grates, and their rustic kitchen knives to showcase their spirited attitude shinning through in their menu. 





Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Boneyard Truck


02: strategic userflow + squarespace website

The most important part of The Boneyard's website was allowing potential catering and food truck customers to find information quickly, while showing off the star player, the food. 

We leveraged a single parallax site, with clearly lit navigation, pointing customers to where they could find the truck, or how to place a catering order. In between these simple sections we used full bleed images from our branded photo shoot to get mouths watering.

We used Squarespace's robust forms to allow potential catering customers to start the process of placing their order before even picking up the phone. We also integrated The Boneyard's calendar so food truck enthusiasts could be up-to-date on where to find the truck, without the needing having to lift a finger.

Finally, since The Boneyard is a family-run business, we used the About Page to tell a little more of their specific story, including Rich & Aleah's kids running the truck, which is a real slice right out of their life.


Primd Marketing - Testimonials - Aleah Mainzer

"Our biggest fear before working with Prim'd Marketing was paying too much for something that we didn't want. Jenni was great about making us really define what we wanted and helped us to achieve that. I did not feel rushed and I did not feel bad about asking for exactly the look we wanted. Since the launch of our site, our business is growing like crazy — we've gotten a second food truck just to keep up with demand, and I know that it's all because people come to our site, and they love what they see. Thanks gals!

- Aleah Maziner, Co-Owner, The Boneyard Food Truck


Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Bonyard Truck

The Boneyard's new website has affected their business more than we could have ever predicted. Since the launch of the new site, The Boneyard is seeing multiple catering orders pour in daily — representing over two hundred percent lift in their catering business alone.  They've grown so much that they had to get a second truck just to keep up with demand. 

They've been featured on SF Eater, ApptheTable, and KTVU for being one of the Bay Area's best BBQ. We continue to work with Aleah and Rich to keep their site up to date and sleek, and we always love hearing about how much they're growing!

Check out their website here: The Boneyard Truck





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