Primd Marketing - Case Study - Florence and Isabelle


blog & social content plan + quarterly editorial calendar + branded photo shoot

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Florence & Isabelle


Julie Levine is the editor of a modern Jewish lifestyle blog, Florence & Isabelle, covering lifestyle topics from a Jewish lens, including cooking, design, travel and family life. At the end of last year, she was ready to share her writing and curated editorial with a larger audience, and came to Prim'd unsure of where to start. 

We knew in order to increase readership and begin forming partnerships with like-minded brands and publishers, we would need to increase her brand's awareness online. The main challenge to increasing Julie's presence was lack of visual representation on Julie's site. She had beautiful imagery of the products and topics she was covering, but we recognized a missed opportunity for Florence & Isabelle to build trust and relationships with readers and potential partners, by allowing them to get to know the writer and curator behind the brand. 

With this in mind, together with collaborated on a Blog & Social Content plan, a quarterly editorial calendar, as well as a Branded Photo Shoot with Florence and Isabelle.

Primd Marketing - Case study - Florence and Isabelle






01: blog & social content plan

We started by identifying the social platforms to best serve Florence & Isabelle. Based on the key demographics and content-digesting styles of her readers, we knew Instagram and Facebook would be key places for her to focus her efforts. Since Julie had been shy, and afraid of self-promotion, she had yet to set up platforms specifically for her site, and we worked with her to create them from scratch, focusing on building the right audience of loyal followers and readers.

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Florence and Isabelle

 As Julie's reader base and confidence grew, we added in Pinterest as an additional strategic platform for sharing her work. We worked with Julie on all of these platforms to not only promote her own material in a meaningful way, but to curate materials from other like-minded sites, leading to cross promotional opportunities.  





Primd Marketing - Case Study - Florence and Isabelle

02: quarterly editorial calendar

We created a shared editorial calendar for full transparency between the client, her PR team and us, so all of the teams supporting Florence & Isabelle were aware of content schedules, as well as corresponding imagery, caption, calls to action, brands to tag, and relevant hashtags.

This approach not only gave clarity to Florence & Isabelle's content calendar, but a thorough and accountable checklist, ensuring Julie took advantage of every opportunity with each article she created. 


03: branded photo shoot

The most impactful stage of our work with Florence & Isabelle was organizing a branded photo shoot with one of our Prim'd Partners to reflect her personality and brand values. We collaborated a vision board to narrow in Julie's elevated style, as well as collaborating on a planning meeting to ensure the stories we were bringing to life would be executed. We also handled all logistics including location, suggested compositions, props, wardrobe, hair and makeup. We organized into a  thorough shot list to avoid anything being overlooked.

Following the shoot, we worked with Julie and our Prim'd Partner, advising on the key imagery for the website, blog, social media and other cross promotional opportunities.

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Julie Levine

"I've learned so much from Jenni and Sophie. They have really opened up an entire world for me and for my blog. They are so wonderful to work with-patient and savvy, so smart and so sophisticated yet totally approachable. I knew it was an important part of the way readers feel connected. But nailing the right photo, the right image, look and feel for the blog was incredibly overwhelming. How do you express it all: you, your blog, and your key messages — in one or just a few photographs? Well, thankfully Sophie knew exactly what to do and how to achieve this.”
- Julie Levine, Editor Florence & Isabelle
Lifestyle Blog

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Florence & Isabelle


Florence and Isabelle has a strong following on Instagram and Pinterest, and Facebook, which allows Julie to promote the latest editorial to a wider audience and cross promote with fellow bloggers and like-minded brands.

Since working with Prim'd, Julie has had opportunities to collaborate with brand such as Designs by Tenisha, Chai and Home, and That Jewish Moment. Her new imagery has also great supported her PR team, which as resulted Florence & Isabelle's features in Maria Shriver, J Weekly, and the Kitchn. 

Check out Julie's site here: Florence & Isabelle





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