Golden Hour FAQs

Prim'd Marketing offers marketing consultation hours to creative and service-based small and mid-sized businesses. 



Primd Marketing - Marketing Consultation

How do I know if my question is a good fit for a Golden Hour?

Our Golden Hours are specifically designed to be an incredibly powerful hour. For that reason, we’ve found that our clients who have gotten the best results have been specific about their ask when coming into a Golden Hour. In fact, most have focused their ask into just 2 - 3 smaller and very specific questions around their topic.

For example: "In this hour can we look at my About Page and my calls to action on my offering to see if I can increase my conversion rate?" Is a great question.

Or: "Can we look at how I'm using Facebook to reach my audience and identify areas for improvement?" Also great question.

If your question is too broad (“Can we make a marketing plan?” or “Can you do a deep dive review of my website?”) we might not get through everything in that hour. Also, if your question is incredibly complicated (Aka, takes 25 minutes to explain) we might not get as far in that hour. We want to make sure you walk out as excited, clear on where you’re headed, and ready to tackle the work as possible so check with us if you think your question isn’t good for a Golden Hour.

Can we do writing or design work in my Golden Hour?

Golden Hours are for brainstorming, sound-boarding, mapping, planning and reviewing. We can suggest tweaks to your copy or design edits to make your web & marketing stronger. We might do some light writing or sample social media captioning in that meeting. Generally speaking, we're willing to sit with you and guide you on HOW to write or WHAT design tweaks you should make to create a more powerful impact.

But our Golden Hours aren't the same as hiring out help on a creative project, and in fact it's not the best use of your budget. We won’t be doing any larger design work, longer form copy-writing, edits to your website, or scheduling of your social media editorial calendar for you in that meeting.

Will you do some prep work to get ready for my Golden Hour?

In order to meet and exceed your goals for each meeting, we typically encourage clients to choose a question that we can cover in an hour. We will always review your question, ask any clarifying questions, and perhaps get started on brainstorming great ideas for you (we can’t help that!). But we advise away from questions that require the Prim’d team from doing loads of prep work. Those tend to be more project-like anyway, and our consulting hours aren’t a great fit for that. We have had some clients who have purchased 2 hours and asked to do an hour of review prior to their meeting so they could use a second hour just to collaborate. If you think you might be interested in multiple hours for offline review, email us, and we’ll let you know if your question is a good fit.

Will I get both Jenni and Sophie in my Golden Hour?

You will work with either Jenni or Sophie, and we'll work to pair you with the right expert. We have different sweet spots, which allows us to bring a breadth of expertise to our clients, yet go deep in our specific area. But keep in mind — we’ve worked together for nearly 4 years, so we each have a lot of tribal knowledge we’ve learned about the other person’s expertise. At this point Sophie’s got a lot to say about great design and content strategy, and Jenni knows a thing or two about social media — so no matter who you’re working with you’re getting a bit from both.

How will our Golden Hour meeting be taken?

If you are in the Bay Area and would like to come into our co-working space in Mill Valley, we can do a face-to-face. Please note we take these only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are anywhere else or don’t want to drive to Mill Valley, we offer virtual meetings via Zoom anytime.

Can I have my entire team attend to this meeting?

We leave it up to you to invite key players to your Golden Hour. However, remember that the more bodies in a meeting, the faster the time goes. Please plan both the scope of your question and the number of attendees accordingly.

What if we don’t cover everything I hoped within my sixty minutes?

We ask you to define the ONE THING that you’d like to come away from your Golden Hour knowing, and we work to make sure that at the very minimum that is covered. But if your list is long, we’ll simply get through as much as possible. You can always feel free to schedule another hour.

Can you give some examples of Golden Hour questions?

  • Clients who haven’t been getting the engagement they’ve wanted on Instagram
  • Clients who had a list of marketing projects and didn’t know how to prioritize what should be tackled first and how much budget to consider for each
  • Clients who wanted to make a small face-lift to their website, but weren’t sure where to start
  • Clients who have had ideas for both online and offline campaigns, but didn’t know how to get started or make an action list
  • Clients who have had teams but weren’t sure how to get their team involved to support marketing efforts
  • Clients who were launching and wanted some thoughts around the kinds of blogs and newsletters they could send in support of their new product