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BRANDed photo shoot + Branding package

Primd Marketing - Case study -  Karen Fairty


Primd Marketing - Case Study - Karen Fairty

Karen Fairty is a Bay Area real estate agent who specializes in some of the key areas just north of San Francisco. She's spent the last ten years establishing her practice and growing her network in Marin County. She's specifically known for being incredibly warm and approachable, while maintaing a very professional approach to buying or selling a home. Her clients often tell her she's worked harder than any agent they've ever worked with, doing anything and everything to ensure they are getting the best of her services. 

Karen came to Prim'd Marketing feeling her online look and feel just didn't quite capture the smooth and cohesive experience her clients were getting offline. She wanted to update her branding and "visual voice" to communicate both her warmth and can-do-work ethic to her potential clients. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Karen Fairty

Together we started with a branded photo shoot to get her a great headshot that really represented her, as well as branding suite that would create a cohesive feel. 








01: branded photo shoot

We started off by organizing a branded photo shoot to update Karen's headshot. We consulted with her on location, wardrobe, as well as style of the headshots she was most drawn to.  We captured a series of casual versions of her in Mill Valley, one of the areas she does quite a bit of business in. We also captured several of her in more of a "studio" setting, allowing her to have options in terms of the level of formality she wanted to portray. 



Primd Marketing - Case Study - Karen Fairty Branding




02: branding

We began Karen's branding process by determining a set of words we wanted her new look and feel to embody: warm, professional and sharp. We knew Karen wanted to have a typographical logo, and we also knew she needed a color palette that complimented Pacific Union's branding, as any marketing materials she crated would be co-branded. 

We created a primary and secondary logo mark to represent her sharp and professional methods, and used a pop of color that would signify Karen's warmth and approachability. 




03: social assets

Taking Karen's new branding materials along with her new headshot, we created a cohesive look and feel for every place she might run into potential customers: her email footer, email marketing template, and social media platforms. We did not re-vamp her website, so instead, we give her palette and branding information to her website team and they made updates to move away from old colors and incorporate her new assets. 

Primd Marketing - Testimonials - Karen Fairty

Jenni and Sophie were fantastic to work with!  They helped me to articulate my brand online and make my online presence cohesive.  They were on time, within budget with terrific communication along the way. These girls get our world today! The final product was beyond my expectations.  I can not recommend them enough.

- Karen Fairty, Real Estate Professional

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Karen Fairty


Karen's online presence is much more tied together, giving her clients seamless impression — from her email signature to any of her social media platforms. She's fully prepared for any sort of printed materials she might create in support of her properties, knowing that her design will work in tandem with Pacific Union's branding. 



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