Primd Marketing - Case Study - Maura Tierney



Primd Marketing - Case Study - Maura Tierney Real Estate


Primd Marketing - Case study - Maura Tierney Real Estate

Maura Tierney is a real estate professional in the El Dorado Hills region. She's been practicing real estate for a number of years, and with El Dorado Hills becoming more and more of an ideal location for families and young professionals in the Sacramento region, she found her business poised to grow. 

Maura and her team came to Prim'd Marketing with a template website provided to her by her parent company. Itt had been able to communicate what she did when she was beginning her practice, but now that she was looking to highlight her differences as an agent, she felt a website reflecting her personal style could serve potential clients more deeply. 

Further, Maura was looking for a website to act as active part of her team: one to show her listings, showcase open houses, and drive potential buyers and sellers to get in touch with her. 

Prim'd set out to build her a Wordpress website with all of the bells and whistles: customized fonts, custom color palette, curated images to show Maura's sophisticated sense of style, and strategic website copy to allow her potential clients to get a sense of Maura before getting on the phone with her.


Primd Marketing - Case Study - Maura Tierney Real Estate


01: planning & mapping

For the first part of any website build, we spend a significant portion of time digging into the key factors that make our clients different from other professionals in their industry, as well as their unique style they bring to the table. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Maura Tierney

Maura comes to the table with a couple of strengths setting her apart from other El Dorado Hills agents: she's deeply involved with the community (including acting as PTA president at the local schools), she's committed to a transaction until the client has the home they're hoping for, and her elevated sense of style.  We focused our efforts on teasing out a site map with the appropriate user flow that would guide her potential clients through a site that was easy to use while also communicating Maura's personality and strength as an agent. We also researched the right combination of Wordpress template and customizations to perform well against her automation needs.



02: gathering content + imagery

Once we had a clear vision for the kind of site we were trying to build, we set to work creating a look and feel that was going to show off Maura's cosmopolitan style — something that really sets her apart from other realtors in her market. 

We explored colors that would collaborate with Maura's parent brand, as well as fonts that would give her the modern and crisp aesthetic. 

From there, we collaborate with Maura and her team to write and refine her copy, getting Maura's professional yet warm voice infused into her website.

We also helped Maura explore stock as well as custom imagery options to help her find images to speak well to the style of home that she can offer a client, and her expertise in working with clients who would to purchase land in order to custom build homes just to their specifications.

Case Study - Maura Tierney Real Estate

We created an extensive shot list, complete with imagery content descriptions, and preferred imagery ratios to ensure that Maura was choosing stock images that would work well within the site, as well as helping to brief the photographers that she used for location-based shots as well as a new headshot. 


03: customizations & Build

We moved into the customizing and building stage with strong content to design from. We customized every part of her website, include an automated solution for her MLS listings, ensuring Maura could spend her time with her clients, not updating her website.  

Maura Tierney - Headshot

We were very pleased with the overall experience of working with Prim'd. We appreciated the regular conference calls and updates with Jenni so that the status of the project was transparent as it progressed, as well as her positive attitude and creative insights throughout the process. We're thrilled to have a beautiful new website that reflects Maura's style and personality, and that sets her apart from the rest of the field!

- Maura Tierney & Team, Real Estate Professional 

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Maura Tierney Real Estate


Maura and her team were thrilled with the outcome of the website, feeling they had a chance to begin showing clients an elevated real estate experience before clients even picked up the phone.

Maura's automated listings allow her to focus on her clients, letting her website work as an active part of her team, updating itself as her business continues to grow.

Prim'd continues to work with Maura, creating a marketing suite of printed materials to continue showing off her sophisticated style in newspapers, magazines, and post card mailers. 


Check out her beautiful site here: Maura Tierney Real Estate




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