Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials


the brand plan + launch plan + logo branding package + product packaging

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials


Primd Marketing - Case study - Navora Essentials

Navora Essentials is a new line of aromatherapy-based products created by certified aromatherapist, Jocelyn Corbett.  Jocelyn had started by simply making lotions, salves, scrubs and room sprays for her friends and family. With the raving support and referrals of those who loved her products, Jocelyn decided it was time to take her side-hobby and turn it into a full-time business. 

Jocelyn has an extensive background in aromatherapy, with thousands of hours of certification and training. But she also knew that being an expert in her subject doesn't always translate into a cohesive and beautiful brand that attracts the right customers.  She came to Prim'd Marketing at the beginning of her process — quality products in hand, and a vision in her pocket. 

Together we built her brand from the ground up, starting with The Brand Plan, moving into a logo and branding suite, and finishing off with product packaging. Jocelyn's launch goals included a debut of her new line at a craft fair, where she'd introduce Navora Essentials to her local community for the first time. 








01: the brand plan + Launch plan

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials

To begin, we created a foundational plan that helped Navora Essentials  get clear about how to position the product in the marketplace, and how to differentiate from other popular aromatherapy brands.

We flushed out Navora Essential's brand values, calling out Jocelyn's past experience as a teacher, and her extensive knowledge as an aromatherapy expert. This will be an important piece of her strategy as she begins to show and share her brand. 

We created customer profiles based on the needs and wants of her customers, as well as a customer blend, showing the types of customers that tend to buy each line of product, and what they are looking for in their beauty, home and self-care products.  

We identified two social media platforms for focus, and outlined key strategies that Navora Essentials could begin doing now to build her audience and share her brand's story while building her brand. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials



Next we jumped into a launch plan for Navora Essentials, outlining each of the components Jocelyn and her team would need to complete before her debut show. We included getting her logo created, finishing the branding process, creating her packaging, staging her offerings, signage, pricing, and social media engagement leading up to the show. 






Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials



Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials







02: logo and branding platform

With Navora Essential's positioning and core branding clear, and her product line production underway, we turned our attention to creating a logo and brand assets that reflected the heart of the brand, while appealing to the ideal customer base. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials

In Jocelyn's words, "Creating a great blend is like creating a fine wine. It's part science and part art." 

Taking this inspiration in mind, we worked with a partner to create a typographical logo that communicated the clean and classic aesthetic of her scientific background, with a touch of whimsy in her patterned elements to showcase her sense of artistic care that goes into each product. 

We chose a color palette that stuck largely to neutrals and nature inspired colors, since much of the aromatherapy line is about embracing the essence of each herb and botanical.











Primd Marketing - Case Study - Navora Essentials

03: product packaging

Next we moved into packaging the product in a way that would highlight the superior ingredients used in Navora Essential's, while educating the customer about all of the various uses for each item.

We continued with the Navora Essentials clean and classic aesthetic, layering in nature inspired colors for each product in the line. 

From there, we added additional detailing along the back of the packaging . Our partner hand-illustrated elements of core ingredients in each product, like citrus peel, lavandin, or eucalyptus to bring texture and and a sense of warmth — keeping the product as approachable as Jocelyn herself. 


Headshot - Jocelyn Corbett - Navora Essentials

"I came to Prim'd Marketing with an idea and a product. They were able to see my vision and help me bring that through to a brand and business. I never would have been able to debut my product line at the craft show without their help and strategic support. I'll be turning to them as the go-to-marketing experts for everything I need moving forward."

- Jocelyn Corbett, Owner & Aromatherapist, Navora Essentials

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Navora Essentials


Jocelyn had a phenomenal debut! She sold out of her signature Foot Lotion within the first few hours of the show, and sold more product than she thought possible. In fact, the show was such a success, she was asked to attend a second show the next week, where she also sold out of her popular room sprays, holiday sprays and lotions. 

Prim'd Marketing is continuing to work with Jocelyn to create adjustments to the packaging based on customer responses. In addition we are beginning to build out her web and online presence to support the continued growth of the brand. 

Check out her product line here: Navora Essentials


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