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Primd Marketing - Case Study - Rose Holistic
Primd Marketing - Case study - Rose Holistic


Rachel Rossitto is the founder of Rose Holistic and a women's health & wellness coach. She offers women a range of online and offline programs, as well as one-on-one coaching to help them dig deep to create the life they want.


Rose Holistic had been in business 3 years when Rachel approached Prim'd Marketing. In Rachel's words, "I had all of the tools. I had a website, I had marketing videos, I had email sequences, I had programs, and had been coaching women for years. But I felt like something was missing — I felt scattered. I felt like I was making it up as I went along. I really wanted something that could help me examine the whole of my business, give clear insight to what I was really offering, and how to best position that offering." 

We took Rachel through The Brand Plan process just before her largest online program, Magnetic. We specifically wanted to help Rachel create some through-lines in her offerings and give her some overall clarity as she stepped into one of the most important times in her fiscal year.

Primd Marketing — Case Study — Rose Holistic
Primd Marketing - Case Study - Rose Holistic











01: the brand plan:
core messaging + target customers  

To begin, we clarified the types of clients that were the best fit for Rose Holistic, while tightening Rachel's messaging so that she was attracting the best clients.

Rachel's work is deep, and she's a very spiritual person with a huge life calling — so it was important that we layered in these values into her brand foundation, but did so in a way that called in her best clients, not confused them. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Rose Holistic

We wrote some core messaging for Rose Holistic, including ways to communicate what she does: "Helping ambitious change makers flourish with grace and ease."

We identified 3 target clients for her (a young hustler, a young women trying to conceive or entering into motherhood, and a mom of young kids) who would be the best fit for the services she wants to offer, and how she envisions her brand growing over the next several years.


Primd Marketing - Case Study - Rose Holistic

02: the brand plan:
program overview + social recommendations

Once we had a clear sense of who we were talking to and what we needed to communicate to them, we stepped back and helped Rachel look at all of her offerings in aggregate. 

We traced which core customers would be a good fit for each program, and how to communicate each offering.

From there we dove into social media, identifying  core places that Rachel could focus her attention, and then wrapped up with action steps to lead into the launch of her program,  Magnetic. 

Headshot - Rachel Rositto - Rose Holistic

I launched my business several years ago, and recently felt like something crucial was missing. I had all the pieces: a website, ran programs, worked with over 100 clients, written countless blogs— but I never felt confident. I panicked every time I had to explain what I did, or find new clients. 

I literally was in tears in the first 5 minutes of seeing The Brand Plan Sophie and Jenni created for me. Without The Brand Plan I would have spent  years of time and countless amounts of money trying to get clear on my business.  Not only do I have a clarity and confidence around my brand, but now I have an authentic expression of who I am as the founder and the business I'm trying to create in the world. 

I immediately integrated my plan into my website, my sales page for an upcoming program and my next (and best yet!) blog post. With this new vision and direction, I feel like I can spend less time treading water and more time sailing forward doing what I do best."
- Rachel Rositto, Founder, Rose Holistic

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - Rose Holistic


Following the presentation of The Brand Plan, Rachel set to work! She used the strategy and positioning in her plan to re-tool her website and tighten her sales copy for her upcoming program. She had a great response, and now gets 10+ web inquiries a week!

Her launch for Magnetic exceeded her expectations — she sold out the program, generating a five-figure launch for her business. Not only was it more profitable, but she was attracting more of her best clients, with "sign ups rolling in overnight."

She's now also seeing more private clients, and a higher paying rate, as well as feeling clear and confident. She's on track to double her revenue in 2017. 

Check out more of her work here: Rose Holistic

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