Primd Marketing - Case Study - SparkPath


the brand plan + social content Plan + brand identity suite

Primd Marketing - Case Study - SparkPath
Primd Marketing - Case study - SparkPath
Primd Marketing - Case Study - SparkPath


Erica Smigielski is founder of SparkPath — a newly re-branded company offering project leadership and management to Saas and financial software companies.

When Erica approached Prim'd, she had been consulting with companies on their global launches, acquisitions and large-scale projects for several years — but her brand was almost a decade old. 

She was operating under an old company name that felt dated, and confused her customers. Her brand identity was stale. But most importantly, Erica wasn't fully maximizing her potential. Her positioning was softer than it should have been, and didn't fully highlight the capabilities that Erica actually offered. 

We took Erica through our full suite — starting with The Brand Plan, we helped her re-name her company, and then we took all of that strategy and gave her newly named company a brand new look and feel.







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Primd Marketing - Case Study - SparkPath


01: the brand plan

Our main objective with Erica was to get really clear on what her new brand would stand for. We wanted a compelling brand narrative that really sold the full expertise she brought to the table, while creating a strong strategy from which we'd build out the rest of her brand. 

We began by looking at the way Erica was offering her services, and how the market engaged with her brand. Next we layered on core messaging that positioned her as an expert that brought people together to spark incredible outcomes. 


brand values + Target Customers + new name 

We spent a lot time really getting clear on the pillars that would be the core tenants of her brand. We also outlined who was the biggest opportunity customers for Erica. 


Based on this foundation, we took Erica through a re-naming process, choosing a new name for her company that reflected her values, would resonate with her target customers, and shined along side her strategic postioning in the market. 

Primd Marketing - Spark Path - Case Study

02: social + content plan 

As a part of Erica's Brand Plan, we also included our Social & Content Plan. We knew Erica would need to invest time blogging to share her expertise and strategies, as well as promoting that content across LinkedIn to get eyes to her content.

Because she's has longer lead cycles, we specifically created a plan that would share her expertise, while keeping her top of mind, and building trust. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - SparkPath
Primd Marketing - Case Study - SparkPath

03: brand identity suite

With a strong plan and a new name chosen, Erica was ready to begin flushing out a new look and feel for her brand.

We focused on some key elements that Erica's clients had mentioned when working with her: that she brought fresh energy to their projects, and kept even complex launches feeling fresh and electric. 

We worked with a partner to create a mark that was modern and clear, yet harnessed that warm, exciting energy that Erica brings to each of her clients. 

We leverage bold warm and powerful colors — that spoke to both Erica's effectiveness, yet her diplomatic and friendly nature. 

We created both a digital look, and a more luxe textured look with gold foil press for her printed assets, allowing her to communicate both her sleek and clean nature as well as making her clients feel like they're in good hands. 

SparkPath - Headshot

“Before this, I would get tripped up on my messaging, and I really did not like my company name and logo any longer. Prim'd was able to identify my strengths as writer and educator, and weave that into the strategy for developing my new brand and how I would grow my business.  In the end, I absolutely love my new brand and really feel like it represents the best of my talents and the kind of business I want to put forward.

- Erica Smigielski, Founder and Principal, SparkPath

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - SparkPath


Erica is now fully prepped to hit the ground running! She's currently working on updating her website, so she can be sharing her new brand with the world. 

She's excitedly pursuing new leads, ready to put a more modern, better fitting foot forward. 


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