Primd Marketing - Case Study - Stephanie Armstrong Coaching


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Primd Marketing - Case Study - Stephanie Armstrong
Primd Marketing - Stephanie Armstrong - Case Study
Primd Marketing - Stephanie Armstrong - Case Study
Primd Marketing — Stephanie Armstrong — Bien Sur Studio


Stephanie Armstrong is a dynamic woman who has built her career around helping  women and teen girls. 

As a speaker and the founder of Heart for Leadership, Stephanie has spent the last decade talking and working with high achieving teen girls who are prone to perfectionism. She had a professional presence over at Heart of Leadership, and had a personal blog called I Choose Love. 

But is Stephanie evolving. She's establishing a private coaching practice, and expanding her offerings not just to teen girls, but to women and especially mothers of teen girls. 

Stephanie came to Prim'd not really understanding how to introduce herself, who her core audience was anymore, and how to strategically navigate the public evolution of her personal brand. 

Together we took her through The Brand Plan to bring clarity to her exactly what her offerings were, what the through-lines were in her career path, and who it was she would be talking to in her social media and blog content as well as her coaching offerings. 




Primd Marketing - Case Study - Stephanie Armstrong
Primd Marketing - Case Study - Stephanie Armstrong
Primd Marketing - Case Study - Stephanie Armstrong


01: the brand plan:
market opportunity + brand values 

To begin,  we looked at the some of the challenges that teens are facing, how those challenges have changed since today's parents were young, and the holes that exist in the market for support.

Next we examined the through-lines that Stephanie stands for, and how those beliefs and values have showed up in her career path so far. We used these values as the cornerstone for her brand — as a bridge between what she has done in the past and what she's looking to offer in the future.


the brand plan:
core messaging + Target customers

Next we took those brand values and use them as a launching point for Stephanie's core message. We were sure to create positioning that included language to explain what she does — not just her current offerings,  but how it fits into her career trajectory.   

We also created very specific and clear customer profiles for her audience, segmenting a primary audience as well as a secondary audience. 




02: content & social  plan
what to share on social media and blog

Additionally, we created a Content and Social Plan for Stephanie. We took her target customers and used them as the backbone for what she would share on each of her social platforms. 

We outlined how her values backed into 4 core content buckets, creating key messages that Stephanie wants to be known for and can focus on sharing again and again.

We give her key tips for how to build her personal brand across her blog and Instagram channels while maintaining her personal privacy. 

Primd Marketing - Cast Study - Stephanie Armstrong

Do you know what a gift it is to be seen? Like really seen and understood for the values and qualities that you hold most dear? The ability to see people in this way takes a special kind of listening. I believe this great listening  can call a person forth into greater expressions of purpose.

Thank you Sophie and Jenni at Prim'd Marketing for your great listening during our work together planning the next steps for my coaching business!

With Sophie and Jenni's help, I'm learning to better communicate what I do so I don't answer the question, "What do you do?" with, "I work with teens and women," anymore.

Now I can say: Through coaching, I help people, especially mothers and daughters, discover how to parent and live from a place of wholeness, so that they can be confident, emboldened leaders.

Primd Marketing - Case Study - Stephanie Armstrong Coaching


Stephanie quickly took the strategies in her Brand Plan, and used that as the basis of re-skinning blog site, I Choose Love, to encapsulate her new offerings as a coach as well as her messaging. 

Stephanie is also taking some of the strategies from the social and content section to plan out how she'll roll out her social media once she fully launches her coaching offerings.  

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