Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Hivery


the brand plan + blog & social content plan + quarterly editorial calendar

Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Hivery


Primd Marketing - Case study - The Hivery

The Hivery is a collaborative women’s co-working space centered on helping women to explore, identify, and create their passions. The space physically offers desks, coffee, and educational workshops to help women grow, but the spirit of The Hivery offers women so much more: support, encouragement, and community. 

Grace, the owner of The Hivery came to Prim'd on the brink of greatly expanding her marketing efforts. Her plans included a website refresh, adding a blog component to her online presence, refining her newsletters, and getting more structured in her approach to social media. In essence, The Hivery was growing quickly and what Grace really needed was to get clear on some key parts of her marketing.

Together we tackled her wish list with The Brand Plan, a Blog & Social Content Plan, as well as on-going Quarterly Editorial Calendar(s). 










01: the brand plan

Primd Marketing - Case Study - The HIvery

To begin, we created a foundational plan that helped The Hivery get clear about their key messaging, their core differentiators as a co-working space, and the various types women who would be a great fit in their space.

This plan gave Grace and her creative team member clear talking points for the next phase of their marketing plan, including their upcoming website refresh, a new member's directory, and their new blog. 

Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Hivery

We delivered a thorough and beautifully designed Brand Plan, outliningThe Hivery's core values, their "One Sentence Slug," (our lingo for a killer positioning statement) and words and phrases that form the foundation of their key messaging.

The Brand Plan also examined the various kinds of women who came to The Hivery, parsing out what each type of woman needs most in a co-working space based on where she is in her business-building journey. These profiles, which illuminate their desires and fears (among other defining elements), greatly helped shape the next piece of The Hivery's work with us: The Blog & Social Content Plan.








02: blog & social content plan

Primd Marketing - Case Study - The Hivery

With The Hivery's messaging clear and her creative building projects underway, we turned our attention to "how to reach her dream women." We created a Blog and Social Content Plan to explain how The Hivery could best use their new blog and budding social media platforms.  

We helped Grace set a clear purpose for their blog and social media: to serve its members by connecting and building community, as well as The Hivery by showcasing its workshops and collaborations. We leveraged her target audience profiles from her Brand Plan to create potential blog post ideas for each profile of woman, ensuring The Hivery blog will resonate with women who are just starting out or women who have thriving businesses. We also created a list of key guest bloggers to offer a vast range of expert content and help raise awareness. The Blogging & Content Plan also included blogging best practices to improve readability and engagement.

We helped Grace set guidelines for her guest bloggers, as well a signature structure for posts, allowing members to follow and participate by writing for The Hivery Blog. Finally, we gave Grace next steps to implement the plan using a Quarterly Editorial Calendar.  


03: quarterly editorial calendar

We created a quarterly editorial calendar, which is our transparent timeline that allows The Hivery and team members to understand the big picture of their ongoing marketing efforts. The system organizes their content strategically, and allows for consistency in coordinating a blog’s content and promoting it through their various social media platforms and other communications such as newsletters and event reminders.

We're working with The Hivery on an ongoing basis to keep on key messaging going out based on their specific calendar, enduring that their post times, pictures, calls to action, links, and relevant hashtags are all considered. 


Headshot Grace.png

Working with Prim'd Marketing is a dream. They are innovative thinkers, creative strategists, and an all around pleasure to work with. I hired them to develop my brand guidelines and they very quickly assessed the tone and voice for my business and translated it to brand pillars, personas of my customers, headlines, keywords, descriptions of my offering, and more. 

I will not only use my brand guidelines as an indispensable tool for marketing across all mediums and making sure that everyone involved in marketing my business represents The Hivery at the standard I expect, but it's a valuable guiding light for where to take the business and adhere to my vision and goals for growth. Prim'd brings intelligence, polish, and creativity to all that they do. 
- Grace Kraaijvanger, Owner, The Hivery

Primd Marketing - Case Studies - The Hivery


Grace and her team members refer to The Brand Plan as their guiding light in all areas of their communication. It helps them make better decisions about what's right for their business when opportunities arise that require a gut check, and it has also made its way into their growth plans as a method for structuring their packages and plans to grow The Hivery.

Grace uses her Blog & Social Content Plan and Quarterly Editorial Calendar so continuously  that they act as the agenda for all editorial meetings. These tools and systems have made the process of updating the promoting the blog much smoother and have greatly improved communication among the member community. 

Check out their blog here: The Hivery



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