The Brand Plan has been described by our clients as,  "a powerful branding strategy with a heavy does of storytelling, a bit of therapy and some huge business visioning." We've spent the last 3 years perfecting our Brand Plan method to help business owners who feel like something is missing from their brand and are ready to expand their visions for their business. 

 The Brand Plan was created specifically for:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who feel overwhelmed by how to allocate or invest their time and money 
  • Visionaries who know their brand needs some fine-tuning, but aren't sure how or where to start
  • Experts who hate feeling self-promotional, but have high growth goals for their business
  • Team leaders who are looking for a way to get their whole team in lock-step around their marketing efforts


We know that when a business is armed with a great plan to fine tune their brand, they will save years of struggle and thousands of dollars in wasted efforts. We love bringing out confidence and clarity to bring your vision to life. 



Primd Marketing - The Brand Plan - Core Messaging


Your "One Sentence" Core Message (for social media)
Elevator Pitch
Your Bio

Primd Marketing - The Brand Plan - Brand Story


Market Opportunity & Trends
Brand Values (the backbone of your brand!)
SEO Optimized Words & Phrases

Primd Marketing - The Brand Plan - Target Customers

Target Customers

Target Customer Profiles
What your customers need & why
How to speak to them effectively

Primd Marketing - The Brand Plan - Content & Social Planning


Detailed list of next steps
Prioritized in order
with support options



and feel 110% confident when talking about your business


Primd Marketing - The Brand Plan - Rose Holistic

I launched my business 1.5 years ago, and recently felt like something crucial was missing. I had all the pieces: a website, ran programs, worked with over 100 clients, written countless blogs— but I never felt confident. I panicked every time I had to explain what I did, or find new clients. 

I literally was in tears in the first 5 minutes of seeing The Brand Plan Sophie and Jenni created for me. Without The Brand Plan I would have spent  years of time and countless amounts of money trying to get clear on my business.  Not only do I have a clarity and confidence around my brand, but now I have an authentic expression of who I am as the founder and the business I'm trying to create in the world. 

I immediately integrated my plan into my website, my sales page for an upcoming program and my next (and best yet!) blog post. With this new vision and direction, I feel like I can spend less time treading water and more time sailing forward doing what I do best."

- Rachel Rositto, Founder, Rose Holistic


Our signature brand Plan Method


We start with our list of carefully curated questions, aimed at inspiring you, getting you thinking, and really examining all the bits of your business. We have intro videos to each segment to get you prepped and ready to work. You'll have access to Prim'd throughout the process, so we can answer any questions and track your progress. If you're on a team, we have a special intake we've created to help uncover inconsistencies and find new points of view from key team members. 

2. Discovery

Next we have a collaborative meeting to go over your work. We ask clarifying questions and dig into your answers. Following this meeting we go away, brainstorm, research, write and create a detailed and thorough plan for your brand. 

3. Show Time! 

In our presentation meeting we'll unveil all of our collaborative hard work. We'll walk you through your new brand positioning, brand values, customer profiles, and messaging, get your feedback and make live edits along the way. We'll walk through your action steps so you know exactly what to do next and how we can support you. You can review to make sure everything's exactly the way you want it, and when it's final-final, we deliver your files so you can get started. 

Following The Brand Plan, many of our clients work with us to move onto a new logo and brand identity, Website Ready Kit or The Content Plan aligned with their business and sales goals.

Primd Marketing - Brand Strategy
Primd Marketing - Brand Strategy
Primd Marketing - Marketing Strategy


since doing a brand plan, now they can:


  • Articulate their vision
  • Showcase their values through every aspect of their business
  • Communicate in a clear voice
  • Lead their teams with ease and efficiency
  • Understand their brand's essence from beginning to end
  • Show not only who they are, but where they're going
Primd Marketing - Mary Gassen - Launch Consulting

Prior to The Brand Plan I knew I wasn't using the right language because I wasn't targeting my ideal clients. I needed to be able to communicate the end results of working with me to attract better clients. I'm not always comfortable with self-promotion, so having a few "blurbs" to use in my marketing materials was important to me. But, as a small business owner, I'm careful about making investments in my business. The Brand Plan was a great investment. The Brand Values helped me understand the essence of working with me, and how to communicate it. Now I am so much more confident when describing what I do for people. I use natural language when writing about myself and my business. I LOVE my Brand Plan — every business needs one!

- Mary Gassen, Founder Launch Consulting

Primd Marketing - Paige Buck - Kennedy Events

We knew a few things about marketing — we should be using social media, we had a blog and a newsletter. But were we sharing anything interesting  to anyone that would matter to us? We had no idea. Jenni and Sophie bring such great energy to everything they do, we had no hesitations working with them. They were able to differentiate the voices of me and my business partner, while sharpening our business attributes in a way that speaks much better to our clients.  We were immediately able to refresh our website, as well as kick off some new efforts on social media. We'll definitely be working with Prim'd again in the future as we continue to refine our brand."

- Paige Buck, Co-Owner, Kennedy Events

Primd Marketing - Jon Dahl - Mux

I knew brand was important, but before starting The Brand Plan I was unclear about what went into a brand strategy. Working with Prim'd was a lightweight, and affordable option.  The Brand Plan gave us better language for culture and core values, as well as a good foundation for developing our website. The Brand Values were especially great — showing us links between what we value and how to make a better product. Prim'd quickly got us into what matters, and we had a great strategy session with them. We're extremely happy with the results and I can see other tech companies benefiting from The Brand Plan.  

- Jon Dahl, Co-Founder, Mux


We've had the pleasure of working with great brands

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