Creative Ways to Make Better Decisions

How do you get clarity when your feel stuck or divided about an importance decision? 

Perhaps its an unfamiliar issue that feels like you are trekking through uncharted territory without a compass, or maybe it is a reoccurring problem that is draining your energy and affecting the efficiency of your business. A few easy and creative ways to make better decisions have presented themselves to me recently that I wanted to share with you. 

I recently attended a workshop about 'How To Turn Goals Into Decisions' by transition coach Laura Riordan. Laura initially explained that the best way to make better decisions is to look at the alternatives and note the emotions around the decision. The emotional feelings attached to making good decisions include happiness, confidence, satisfaction, pride and interest in what you are doing. The negative emotions that contribute to low control in making good decisions includes stress, anxiety, disappointment, and that feeling of loss of what to do next. 

“From an intense alternative state we can’t make good decisions.” Says Laura. “A confused mind says no.”

Becoming more conscious about our decision-making and taking note of the internal emotional aspects, as well as external factors around the decision helps towards making a better decision. As business owners we want to stay pumped up about our work, because we want to be successful, work smarter and make better decisions to move forward and grow.

This got me thinking about creative ways to improve your positive emotions that allows a positive problem solving process to happen, so you make better decisions about work, family and life in general. 

Creative Ways To Make Better Decisions


Taking time off and not feeling guilty can be hard, especially during the first year of starting a business, but taking time out can be more productive than you think. The subject of taking time out of your business (for a vacation, maternity leave or for reflection) was talked about in the latest “Being Boss” podcast. “Grow Your Business Even When You’re On Vacation” by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon talks about how your best ideas happen when you allow your mind to rest and wander. My aha moment during this week podcast was the statement:

 “Sometimes work can break you down. Growth happens in recovery.” 

Explaining how bright ideas, exciting plans and better decisions for growing your business comes when you are take time away from your business to get a better perspective. So consider that the next time you are feeling the need for a personal day, or putting off scheduling a work retreat to restructure your business. 


I was mentioning in a meeting the other day with a PR professional (who has built a successful communication agency in San Francisco) that mediation has become something on my to do list, like yoga, that I feel guilty for not doing, even though I know how beneficial it is for me. She told me to “not overthink it and just get moving on a regular basis.” She’s right. 

The simplicity of taking a walk, not only breaks up your day, but is also a great way to get in a positive mindset to make better decisions. Jenni and I often need to get away from sitting at our desks or in the meeting room and get outside to walk together. Talking business related things through as we walk around the block or to the local store to get a coffee helps us think better, better decisions get made on our feet. 


When you are standing at a crossroads in your business or facing an unfamiliar problem or roadblock, what do you do? It is commended to go out and speak to people who have gone through a similar experience and come out the other side, preferably with a successful outcome. Find outside experience through talking to follow business owners, mentors, business coaches and experts in your chosen field who can talk about the subject with authority and conviction.  


Laura Riordan recommended a great decision-making tool powered by scientific research and community (compare decisions by thousands of people like you) called Cloverpop. A great resource specifically designed to help you get more clarity around your decision. It also includes personalized coaching in a private online conversation space. 

What is your process for making good decisions? How will you make better ones? Will you consider slowing down and being more conscience about your next important decision to ensure it is the right one? 


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