Our Story: Why Prim'd Marketing?

“Why the name Prim’d?” It’s a question we hear a lot, and a bit of a conversation starter.

Sophie here, and you may think the name came from me, the tea sipping Brit wanting us to be all prim and proper — an unrealistic expectation in today’s world and something I am definitely not. 

When it comes to marketing however, looking put together is actually really important. “Prim’d” (pronounced Prim'd not Primed) is  a word Jenni came up with to describe “looking and sounding buttoned up” online – we get you Prim'd! Helping our client to market a consistent message that are clear and concise, that resonate with the right customers and looks great is the reason we set up Prim'd. Getting “prim’d” is something most business owners strive for, if they had more time and the-know-how. We hear a lot of business owners who wish they could turn to a reliable person, team, or expert to help figure out where on earth to start. We know this struggle, and we know it well. To explain this we have to go back to the start of our story.

Jenni here: Sophie and I met at a lifestyle PR agency working with both small business owners and talented authors needing publicity. During our time at the agency, Sophie helped clients have a strategic and consistent social media presence, and I used my creative muscles to design marketing collateral such as newsletters, invitations, flyers etc. We were the ultimate tag-team for creating great content on behalf of our clients.

Photo Via Luca Magazine

Photo Via Luca Magazine

“Getting buttoned up” online – having consistent messages that are clear and concise, that resonate with the right customers and look great.

Some time after we left that company, the owner of the agency referred a local interior designer to each of us as freelancers. As we talked to him about his goals and roadblocks in getting his brand off the ground, we decided to combine our skill set and co-pitch on his project. While collaborating on his proposal, a light bulb went off: we were a killer team with a robust understanding of the lifestyle industry, and we had huge passion for helping creative brands get into shape. We decided to set up our own marketing shop, where we help brands a look great online and create meaningful connections with their customers. We imagined a business that was like a concierge desk for creatives — where they had an expert to call to make plans and know what to do next. We set out to make that a reality, because really cool things happen when creatives focus on what they love.  It’s been exciting and scary and challenging and fun, and we’ve learned a hell of a lot over the past several months.

 Our goal with this business and our blog is to offer easy tips and tactics for looking great online. This includes the most thoughtful and strategic ways using social media, constructing beautiful blog posts, or creating powerful customer emails. We believe these tools are the most effective way creative business owners tell their stories to fans and followers, get them excited about their brands, and create lifetime loyalists.

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