For the Growing Business, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Many of our clients come to us in a period of expanding: they're launching a part of their business to reach a new customer segment, making the leap into a bigger online presence, or rolling out new products. Jenni here, and this week on the blog we thought we'd take a  moment to step back and talk a little bit what is is like to grow, and the reminders we're often giving our clients. We're also taking a look at how much Prim'd has grown in the last six months — and what growth can feel like, even when it's good growth. 

1. Everything is Editable

One of the things I'm constantly reminding our clients is that everything, everything, has the possibility of being edited. And when you're in a growth phase, so many things are changing it can feel tempting to want to nail every down, to map it out, or to have a plan for how that thing is going to scale. And while us ladies are the queens of strategy and planning, sometimes it helps to remind yourself that you can make a choice, start moving in one direction, and if in 6 months you need to adjust, you can. 

For example, when we launched Prim'd, we thought we wanted to focus on newsletters, blogging and social media. But as we've grown, especially in the last six months, we've discovered that our sweet spot is a little different than we'd expected. We're really great at creating websites. 

2. Keep Clear Records to Help Make Decisions

A second way we help clients think through decisions comes back to one of three places: their web analytics, their customer profiles, or their income blend. Should they spending time on Instagram or Linkedin? Depends, where does your referral traffic come from? How long should their blog posts be? Depends, are


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