Primd Marketing, Signing Off

It is with a mixture of gratitude, sadness, and excitement that we’re sending this message out today. At the end of August 2018, Prim’d Marketing will be closing our doors.

When we joined forces over four years ago, we were delighted by the energetic magic that happened when we created together. We decided to take destiny into our own hands with Jenni as the creative maker and Sophie the strategic connector.  We were whimsical and methodical, creative and strategic.

Together we felt we could bring our clients the full range of skills needed to create a really special brand that worked. 

We built out a team of vendors that complimented our brand strategy work from photography to videography, writing to web design, and SEO to social media — giving clients end-to-end support.

And, for nearly half a decade, we did just that. We’ve had the pleasure of working with incredibly talented, kind, inspiring brands and owners who have let us into their worlds: from neuroscience, to nutrition, self-limiting beliefs, essential oils, video production, event planning, photography, chronic pain, energetic healing, skin care, chocolate, wedding vow books, yoga, and so much more.

 Our clients have taught us more than we could have imagined, and in the process, we built something that exceeded our vision: a team we’re proud of, a methodology we think is second to none, systems and processes that were airtight, and best of all, a community that is the definition of invaluable.

But over the past few months, we’ve both begun to suspect that we have more to offer the world, and felt ourselves hitting the capacity of this business.  So we made the tough call to end on a high note and close our doors.

While we’re taking this time to shape our individual professional paths forward, one thing is certain. We are incredibly passionate about bringing more of ourselves and our skills into our next endeavors. We, of course, have momentary anxieties during this time of transition. But the resounding sense is that we’re ready to individually expand beyond what we could do at Prim’d Marketing.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to updating you individually with our next steps.

Jenni and Sophie  - 082018.jpg

We’re excited by what the future holds and thank you for your support!

Jenni + Sophie


PS, we'll be keeping the ole' email on, so you can always reach out to us at: and


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