Prim'd's Resource Recommendations

Jenni and I thought we would start to include some useful resources such as books, magazine, podcasts, webinars, events etc. into our weekly posts that inspire us and hopefully motivate you.

Sophie here, and this week I am sharing a book that helped me get started as a business owner and a podcast that continues to guide me towards the successful entrepreneur I strive to be.

I started Prim’d Marketing as a marketer, and Jenni started as a designer, but we molded ourselves into business owners. The refreshing thing is the amount of people we meet in our business community, and listen to on various podcasts and blogs are also still figuring it out and learning on the job. That’s both the exciting and challenging part of being boss of your own company.

Prim'd Resource Recommendations


The Book That Helped Me Get Started

I bought a book for an old friend of mine in London when she was starting up her food truck business. Then decided to order it for myself when I was forming the idea of starting Prim’d Marketing. It is called Build A Business From Your Kitchen Table by Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker. The founders of the online marketplace tell their story from being maxed out on their credit cards and trying to secure loans to building a multimillion business. This books draws from their own experience and the lessons learnt by 3, 000 independent businesses they work with. I enjoyed their honest account of getting started from finance and marketing to getting your workspace right, while raising a young family at the same time.

The Resource That Guides Me Now

As a mother of two young children I now don’t get a chance to read (or finish) as many books as I’d like. So I catch up on my reading list by listening to audio books and podcasts in my car to the office.

My favorite podcast, that Jenni and I listen to religiously, is Being Boss by Emily Thompson (of Indie Shopography) and Kathleen Shannon (of Braid Creative). These creative and charismatic business owners also don’t pretend to “know it all” and have all the answers, and constant share both failures and successes. Podcast subjects include ‘Launching and Running a Debt-Free Business’, ‘Grow Your Business Even When You Are On Vacation’.  Lately they have been introducing inspiring guests onto the show including Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator, web designer Paul Jarvis, sales coach Kendrick Shope.

Do you have some resources that you would like to share with our readers? Or perhaps you are a resource that you would like to invite our readers to tap into. If so, join in the conversation!


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