The pace of life of a business owner or entrepreneur can move so fast that you feel like you are a circus performer spinning plates – keeping a number of sticks circulating so the plates keep spinning and don't slow down and accidentally smash.

The sticks can represent different aspects of your professional and personal life and the plates can be different tasks, commitments, clients, etc.

We are so focused on keeping everything moving at such a busy pace that we sometimes forget to slow down and grab those plates, stack them up and admire our piles of accomplishments.

Sometimes we might even sweep up those broken plates and consider what we learned from some failures along the way.

Every so often it's important to take stock of what you are learning on this crazy ride, recognize it and give yourself a pat on the back.


Jenni and I are prepping a small workshop next week (for our beta mastermind), and did one of the exercises together: we reviewed what we achieved and what we are most proud of over the last 90 days.


You can do this too, in fact take just 5 minutes to do this today! 

STEP ONE: Bring up your calendar and grab a bunch of post it notes.

STEP TWO: Start looking back on the last quarter: the meetings you took, the presentations you did, the sales calls you had, your resulted client work, testimonials, workshops, interviews etc. Begin to brain dump each thing that you achieved, writing each item on a separate post-it note.

STEP THREE: Share your accomplishments with a partner or fellow business-bestie. You'll be surprised by how much you accomplished in the last 90 days!

Seeing all of our accomplishments together brought light to everything we've done over the last 90 days here at Prim'd. Here are a few of the things that were on our lists:

  • we launched our first beta mastermind
  • we did our first joint podcast interview (and our fav one), Being Boss
  • we're in the process of re-naming a business after going through The Brand Plan
  • we even worked with our first overseas client!
  • we hired some new partners and added to the Prim'd Marketing team
This was a reminder that there is so much more to running a business than just looking at our P&L and balance sheets to determine the success of the business.

Running a business is about how YOU as a person is flourishing and growing as well as your bottom line.

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