Start a Project Using Pinterest Messaging

Are you and your team members constantly coming across pictures on Pinterest that spark a conversation or a project? Perhaps it’s design inspiration for your next photo shoot or a clever picture composition idea for your website or next social media post? From a personal stand point, it might be a picture of a place you want to share with a group of friends for an upcoming vacation. 

If the image is something you want to save and refer to later you can pin it to one of your Pinterest boards, but a lot of the time you want to show it to someone straight away, ask for their opinion on it and get a quick reply. Well thanks to the talented folks at Pinterest, you now can, and to multiple people, with their new easy messaging service.

Start A Project Using Pinterest Messaging - Prim'd Marketing blog

How To Do It?

If you want to send a pin (boards or someone’s profile) to someone on a desktop, click on Send at the top of the pin (board or profile), type in your optional message, select their name from your followers list or enter their email address and Send. If you just want to start a conversation without sending a pin click on your notifications in the top right corner, select messages, add up to 9 people, write your message and click Send.

If you are using your mobile (like most of us) or iPad just touch the picture to make three icons pop up, move your finger over the Send icon to start you message, select your recipient and Send.  

“Every day, people send more than two million pins” according to Pinterest. A picture speaks a thousand words but with an accompanying message or caption it can help trigger a new perspective on a project or get your creative juices flowing on a new campaign. Whatever ideas or discoveries you choose to swap with friends or colleagues to help your business, you can now do it instantly with this helpful new Pinterest feature.

Here are some examples of how you can use it to start a project for your business:

  • Ask a colleague a question about an image that triggers an idea for your next blog post. 
  • Send a client an image of specific trend or color that is relevant to their new product line.
  • Converse about decor ideas or office supplies for your new office space. 
  • Instantly send ideas to a colleague who is out prepping for a exhibit or trade show.
  • Swap ideas on branding or re-branding (there are so many logos and typography inspiration on Pinterest).


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