Ten Things We're Thankful For As Business Owners

These past twelve months have been one heck of a year for Sophie and I. In fact, twelve months ago, we were working together at a different company, but we had no idea the wild ride that was just around the corner for us.

In the spirit of this week, we thought we’d try something a little different. We took some time to think about what we were really thankful for as business owners and entrepreneurs, especially since this is our first Thanksgiving as Women in Business:

Ten Things We're Thankful For As Business Owners

1. Meeting and connecting with a community of business owners that inspire us. One of the most surprising and wonderful part of stepping out on our own has been discovering an entire club of kick ass lady-business-owners who believe in what we're doing and rally us to keep pushing.

2. The huge learning curve that challenges us each day. Suddenly we found ourselves challenged to learn ten new things daily to just to keep up. Tasks like learning Quickbooks or pricing & packaging services were difficult at first, but  made us better business folks, and more empathetic people in general.

3. A sense of purpose to help others with their business needs, through both our services and blog posts.  This is that email from someone saying “thanks for publishing this blog, it really helped me,” that reminds us that we’re lucky to feel fulfilled and we're grateful for that sense of purpose. 

4. Determination as we face our fears. This one is a big one. Before we started Prim’d, we had no idea how nerve-wracking being a lady-boss could be sometimes. But we’ve pushed each other as partners, to not give up just because something makes us feel uncomfortable. And we’re grateful that we’re bolder, more determined women than we were this time last year.

5. The flexibility to have the quality of life we want. Something simple like taking strolls in the middle of the day, or having an extra moment to hug a child after school means a lot to us. Running a business is a lot more work than a 9 to 5, but we get to pick and choose when and where we spend our time, which we appreciate.

6. A new awareness of our strengths (and weaknesses). If you think you know what you’re good at and bad at, try opening a business with a partner. Suddenly your blind spots come into focus, and your strengths become evidently clear. This year we’ve both been stretched personally, a lot, and we’ve grown into trusting ourselves, and each other, to do the best we can and simply let that be enough.

7. Support from awesome life partners. We’re both super lucky that both of our life partners are the entrepreneur-type, and completely believe in Prim’d. When we have our private moments of doubt, they resoundingly tell us, “There’s no way you can stop now!” and for that we’re thankful. 

8. Being pushed creatively.  We’ve always been creative people, but instead of working someone else’s job description we're making a company from scratch and it’s pushed our creative boundaries from a technical skills perspective, as well as our ability to dream big.

9. Becoming better communicators and clearer thinkers. Client work has made us incredibly aware of places that we haven’t been clear. And the process of working with lots of inspiring clients this past year has only refined the way we think and the way we communicate.

10. A great business partner. Jenni here speaking on this last point: I was in charge of getting this blog live on our site, so I’m going to sneak this last one on here and fan-girl on Sophie for a moment. Opening a business with someone else has held more challenges and rewards than I knew possible, but I have lost track of the number of times I have thought, “What would I do without Sophie?” She’s been a solid, strategic voice that has kept me grounded and on-point this last year. I’m so thankful she was open to starting this thing with me, and that she’s my co-lady-boss. There’s no one else I’d rather be with on this crazy ride.

We hope that you all take a moment to think through what you’re grateful for this year, as a business owner or maybe just as a creative person. Leave us a note in the comments below, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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