What To Read, Watch, Listen & Do This April

As female creatives entrepreneurs keeping inspired and up-to-date on fellow business and women out there who can teach us something new each day keeps life sweet and interesting.  

Here are my recommendations this month on an inspiring book to read about building a brand from the ground up,  a new documentary to watch about a woman who broke many glass ceilings, a podcast to listen to help you run your business smarter, and a beautiful photography exhibition open in the Bay Area this month about confident and powerful women. Who could ask for more?!



In My Shoes by Tamara Mellon

In My Shoes by Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of designer shoe empire Jimmy Choo is an eye-opening account of the hard work, grit and tenacity required to build a global brand from the ground up. In the face of personal turmoil that caused more than one British tabloid scandal concerning her freuding professional and colorful personal life. This memoir tells the story of how Tamara went from being asked “to move on” from accessories editor at British Vogue and society party girl by night. To going to rehab and pulling her life together while turning a little known custom shoe cobbler into a multi-billion accessory brand.

Expertising crafting Jimmy Choo’s place in pop culture particularly in the US to their advantage from numerous mentions in the hit show Sex And The City, one of the first shoe brands to product place actresses walking the red carpet at the Oscars to both presidential daughters wearing Jimmy Choo to their father’s inauguration.

For you business owners out there hustling hard to grow and scale, it is comforting to know how little Tamara was living off as a salary as she was building the company that made 250,000 pounds ($353,943) in their first year but her 15, 000 pounds ($21,236) salary didn’t cover the cost of her wedding dress.

This memoir is entertaining account of the moving parts that goes into building an empire heavily documenting the business development and growth of Jimmy Choo, so a must for aspiring fashion designers out there about the reality of the business. It is also an interesting insight into the jet-set lifestyle of the British high society.

In My Shoes by Tamara Fulton

Tamara Mellon.jpg



Everything Is Copy

Everything Is Copy is a new HBO documentary about the professional and personal life of writer, screenwriter and director Nora Ephron. This tribute to Nora’s personal and professional life that broke a lot of a glass ceilings and introduced people to feminism using her witty tone has been lovingly pieced together by her son Jacob Bernstein.

“Everything Is Copy” is actually a family mantra passed down from Jacob’s grandmother and this documentary shows how the family members interpreted the mantra is different ways. Nora’s personal life was inspiration for some of her work particularly bestseller “Heartburn”. I enjoyed watching old TV footage of interviews with Nora’ sharp and sometimes biting remarks   and listening to extracts of Nora’s written work presented by those Nora had touched over her career: From the star of her movies When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle actress Meg Ryan to Lena Dunham reading Nora’s humorous take on her breasts. My favorite piece of Nora’s work which ended up being her last was the wonderfully delicious movie Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep who brought a few of her characters to life. Nora died of leukemia at age 71, an illness she kept a secret. Leaving a lot of people wondering why someone who openly led her life in the public eye, really view everything as copy? Perhaps not.

Everything Is Copy HBO Documentary 

What To read, Watch, Listen & Do This April _ Nora Ephron on Prim'd Marketing blog



Your Business Is Your Life 

Your Business Is Your Life is a weekly podcast about “the business of your life and the life of your business”.  Jenni and I recently met strategic coach of Do Your Thing, Ariane Trelaun who co hosts the show with attorney and business coach (Small Business Bodyguard) Rachel Rodgers. On a recent phone call, Ariane casually mentioned how subject we were discussing came came up on a recent podcast and I have been hooked since. Their fun kick-ass energy fuses their smart expertise and knowledge on a wide array of subjects involved in running a successful business. Plus it touches on all the hard physiological decisions (Self-Doubt Is Costing You $$$) and the emotion (Feel Your Feelings) that go along with running a business and takes up a large part of your mind space and your life in general. Be sure to subscribe and listen in to their great conversations!

Your Business Is Your Life

What To Read, Watch, Listen & Do This April - Your Business Is Your Life podcast



WOMEN: New Portraits Annie Leibovitz

For those who live in the Bay Area there is a treat for the eyes and the senses in the form of a free exhibition called WOMEN: New Portraits Annie Leibovitz at Presidio's Crissy Field. The hugely talented Leibovitz by one of my favorite photographers and responsible for many iconic photographic portraits that have shaped popular culture and the perception of celebrity. From John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s nude embrace on 1970’s cover of Rolling Stone to the introduction of transgender TV personality Caitlin Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair last year.

This exhibition is made up of almost 60 images focused on today’s female thought leaders, artists and executives, highlighting the confidence and power in women. It includes Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg, humanitarian Samantha Power, Democratic nomination Hillary Clinton, feminist spokesperson and journalist Gloria Steinem, actress and author Lena Dunham, the British singer Adele and many more.

The exhibition only runs until April 17th and walk ins are welcome during the opening hours as the timed tickets have sold out, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

WOMEN: New Portraits Annie Leibovitz




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