What To Read, Watch, Listen & Do This March

We all need to keep educating and inspiring ourselves as creatives entrepreneurs and women. Its definitely food for the soul in my book (pardon the pun). With that in mind here are my recommendations on a great magazine and book to read,  a new documentary to watch, a smart podcast to listen to and a helpful health action item to do this month:



more magazine

I have always been magazine junkie which inspired me to get into the fashion industry twenty years ago. My taste has evolved over the years from high fashion to everyday style ideas with more of an appetite for good quality articles about women who inspire me. I was converted to More Magazine just six months ago when I doing some research for a TV & digital host who wanted to reach more women over 40 looking for substance. I now look forward to each issue hitting the newsstand! It has a lot to do with their talented editor Lesley Jane Seymour and her team who strives to bring important women’s issues to the forefront. Their ‘Voices’ section always include a woman who is a Newsmaker (like the director of the movie Suffragette), a woman in their Second Act (like changing careers later in life) and a Work related article like 'Get Paid What You're Worth’. My favorite part of the magazine is the Portfolio which covers finance and entrepreneur tips and stats. Something that Marie Claire touches on in their Career section but sometimes in a more fluffy way by telling us what beauty products products top CEOs use. Really? Can we ask smart women more intelligent questions about things that really matter to women?

More magazine

What To Read, Watch & Listen This Month - Prim'd


The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg

I have just finished a refreshingly honest memoir called The Woman I Wanted To Be by influential fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. I saw Diane at her very entertaining  book signing in San Francisco some time ago and finally got round to starting the book during a short break in Costa Rica. Diane didn’t quite know what she wanted to do when she grew up but she knew the woman she wanted to be - which was independent with financial freedom. From her childhood in Brussels raised by a strong mother who survived the concentration camps of Germany (a moving and heroic part of the book) to moving to the United States with a suitcase of her soon to be icon wrap dresses and becoming a Living The American Dream poster girl in the seventies.

This compelling page turner is particularly interesting from a business perspective. Diane explains how she started with little knowledge of the fashion industry and built a global brand over time that experienced many bumps along the way and hard lessons. One of which caused her and her team to relook at their positioning and redefine their brand values to take the DVF brand to the next level. A process Jenni and I are are passionate about!

The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Fursenburg

What To Read, Watch, Listen & Do This Month - Prim'd




‘Crazy About Tiffany’ Documentary

‘Crazy About Tiffany’ is a new documentary about how Tiffany & Co which became America’s first iconic brand. It covers the brand’s history from opening its doors in 1837 and introducing the first engagement ring to how it has woven itself into American culture. From the ultimate product placement on Audrey Hepburn having Breakfast At Tiffany's to the well-considered high profile placement on the red carpet. It features great interviews with design director Francesca Amfitheatrof and footage of design meetings and wardrobe fittings with high profile actresses. I recommend it for those interested in fashion, branding, American cultural history, and of course fans of that distinctive blue box.  

'Crazy About Tiffany' official trailer

What To Read, Watch, Listen & Do This Month (March 2016) - Prim'd


The Get paid Podcast 

The Get Paid Podcast has our favorite systems expert Val Geisler join Claire Pelletreau in recent episodes. This podcast is dedicated to giving you an honest look at the reality of running an online business. With plenty of prescriptive tips that covers the HOW as well we the WHY - which is right up our alley here at Prim’d! The energy between Claire and Val is great and they get straight down to business by discussing the things business owners like us want to hear about like: Real Launch Strategies, Marketing Beyond Your List, 10+ Systems That’ll Streamline Your Business. Keep up the good work ladies!

The Get Paid Podca$t

What To Read, Watch, Listen & Do This Month - Prim'd Marketing blog



Pretty Happy - Healthy Ways To Love Your Body

My latest activity is in conjunction with reading a new book to help me get more in tune with my body and mind so I can run a business and a family in a healthier way.

I recently saw the actress, entrepreneur and now author Kate Hudson at a local book signing for her new healthy lifestyle book ‘Pretty Happy - Healthy Ways To Love Your Body’. The beautifully designed hardback book features interactive ways to cultivate an intuitive relationship with your body (something I am definitely missing as I am rushing from one commitment to the next). Kate explains the four pillars of self care which include eating well, awakening your body with movement, paying attention to your body and being more mindful.

I am now tracking my thoughts, questions, and fears in a journal that Kate calls a ‘Drawing Board’. I can create clearer health goals by writing down what my body is doing and how I feel about it. Up until now I haven’t really taken the time to reflect on what I put in my body each day or stop to listen to what my body is telling me, so this is a big step for me to improve my energy, mindset and general health! Wish me luck!

Pretty Happy - Healthy Ways To Love Your Body by Kate Hudson

What To Read, Watch, Listen & Do This Month - Kate Hudson & Prim'd blog


Love to hear what you are reading, watching, listening to and doing this month to keep you informed and energized as a business owner and a woman? 


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